B.Sc (Hons ) M Eng, MIEM, MACEM. P Eng

Date of Birth : May 4, 1947

Citizenship : Malaysian


Malay College, Kuala Kangsar (1961- 1963),
Royal Military College, K.L (1964-1965)


Ordinary National Diploma in Engineering (1966- 1968) Brighton Technical College.

B.Sc (Hons) in Electrical Engineering, 2nd Class Upper, University of Brighton, England. (1968-1972)

Master of Engineering (Industrial Mgmt.) Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium (1977-1979)


Institute of Engineers Malaysia : Corporate Member
Board of Engineers Malaysia : Professional Engineer
Association of Consulting : Member Engineers (Malaysia)


01.09.72- 28.02.74 Pupil Engineer Training in the LLN Depts of Transmission, Protection, Meters,, Construction, Inspectorate

01.03.74 - 02.04.74 Assistant District Engineer (KL -North) Responsible to the District Engineer for the Construction, operation and the maintenance of substation and distribution mains up to and including 11kV. Administrative work includes the approving of application of electricity for small consumers.

03.04.74 - 20.10.74 Assistant District Engineer (P.Jaya) As above but for the district of Petaling Jaya.

21.10.74 - 06.08.77 District Engineer (Petaling Jaya) Responsible to the Senior District Manager (SDM) and assist the SDM in the preparation of the budget for the district as well as for project to be carried out during that financial year. Another responsibility is the planning for the connection of major consumers from the time of application until approval of the project. Included in the duty list are office administration, staff management and the requirement to be on standby for major breakdown.

07.08.77 - 08.08.79 Post Graduate Studies: A course in Industrial Management leading to a Master of Engineering degree at Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

09.08.79 - 31.12.79 Area Planning Engineer (Selangor / W. Persekutuan) Responsible to the Senior Area Engineer (Technical), for the planning and development of the 11kV and 33kV system in Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan.

01.01.80 - 17.05.82 Senior Area Planning Engineer Due to additional workload and responsibilities the post of Area Planning Engineer above was upgraded to that of Senior Area Planning Engineer.

18.05.82 - 21.10.82 Senior District Manager (Kelang) Responsible to the Area Manager and responsible for the DE, ADE's and the Consumer Engineers for the smooth running of the district with respect to technical as well as administrative and personnel matters.

22.10.82 - 02.04.84 Assistant Senior Purchasing and Contracts Officer Responsible to the senior purchasing and Contracts Officer in matter pertaining to inventory control and purchasing of all NEB's standard stock items.

03.04.84 - 15.04.85 Assistant Senior Planning Engineer The main function is to develop overall Planning Engineer transmission system development needs in accordance with general development needs in accordance with general development proposals and to satisfy load demands and specific security criteria. He is responsible for the System Development Unit of the Development Planning Department. As unit leader he is responsible for all functions and engineers in the unit whose duties are as follows : Identification and execution of system performance from the perspective of capacity, fault level and transient stability and recommending contingency measures, if any. Carrying out long term system development studies in general and grid transmission system in particular. Carrying out technical studies on ASEAN interconnection projects.

16.04.85 - 30.06.93 Executive Director of MELCON Engineering Consultants Sdn. Bhd

1992 -1996 Director, Brown and Root Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Brown & Root Inc (USA) in oil & gas consultancy.

01.07.93 - to date Director RAZ Associates Sdn. Bhd